We at trendiff.com take your privacy very seriously. Thats why we would like our users to read the below given information about the privacy policy.

This privacy policy explains how we handle your personal information and what information we collect when you visit our website.

Currently our website allows user to fill out the contact form and gives the option of commenting on the articles and posts.

By filling out our contact form we, will get some personal information about our users. But this information is only limited to what you as a user provides us.

What information we collect:

As mentioned above, the users can fill out the contact form for any questions or problems. The users can also comment. So while commenting & filling out the contact forms, the users may have to enter their email address, Name, phone number etc. So we collect this information and save it in our database.

Automatic collection of some data:

For our website to work smoothly and get some ideas for continuously improving it, some information about your use of our website is automatically processed.

This type of information may include the type of device your are using eg. desktop, mobile or tablet, your IP address, what browsers you are using and the operating system.

Goal of collecting information:

The purpose of collecting your information is to allow you to use the website, to answer the question & comments that you send through contact forms to improve the website.

Access of data to third parties:

We don’t share the data that we collect to any third person or parties unless you give us the permission to do so. The personal data that our users provide us through filling forms will never be passed to third parties.

The information may be provided to third parties for marketing and social media purposes but only with your permission.

Hyperlinks to third parties:

Our website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. By clicking these links you will leave our website and will move to another website. We don’t have any responsibilities of the services & content of these third party websites.

Protection of your personal information:

We at trendiff.com take care of everything to ensure that the data collected remains safe and secure. Our team takes all steps to protect your data from loss or illegal processing.


In order for your experience on our website to be as pleasant and positive as possible we use cookies. A Cookie is a small text file that is saved on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The data contained in this text file is used for information, commercial or statistical purpose. Cookies are sometimes necessary to ensure the proper functioning of website and to improve it.

Modification in privacy policy:

This privacy policy may be modified. This statement can be modified without our visitors being actively informed. Thats why we recommend our users to regularly keep checking if anything changed.