New ‘Dislike’ Button Coming Soon to Facebook

Facebook is going to launch its new feature i.e “Dislike” button in coming days. In a meeting held in Menlo Park, USA Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is working on “Dislike” button which may appear very soon in some Facebook post. He said “For years, our users are asking the button” I do not like.” Now we have decided to follow their advice, and we are working to provide something that can meet the advice of our users. ”


According to Zuckerberg, the “Dislike” could help people to better express their empathy related to what happens on Facebook. But at the same time the work of engineers will not be easy. According to the directives of the CEO, the “dislike” button shall not appear for each post, but only for some posts.

It could be a way of expressing solidarity or disappointment about something sad, like a death, an accident, and similar things. The real challenge will be to figure out how they intend to proceed developers. Another reason that why this “Dislike” button will not appear for all posts is that the Facebook don’t want its users to give negative opinions on other’s posts, it only wants to express support when someone shares something.

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