Game of Thrones Creates Record of Winning Most Emmy Awards in a Year

Game of Thrones has set the record of winning most number of Emmy Awards in a year. The Fantasy series inspired by the Novels of George RR Martin wins a total of 12 awards, which is now the highest by any TV program. Game of Thrones was judged as the best drama series, while the best comedy of 2015 was given to “Veep”.


This year’s prize announcement puts an end to the monopoly of ‘Modern Family’ which had won the last five editions of the prize.

John Hamm of hit television series ‘Mad Men’ won the award for the best dramatic actor. 44 years old Hamm won this prestigious award by beating the likes of Kevin Spacey, of House of Cards, Jeff Daniel the lead actor of  The Newsroom and Bob Odenkirk, actor of ‘Better call Saul’.  Also Peter Dinklage won its second award at Emmy for Games of Throne.


The award for best dramatic actress was given to Viola Davis of “How to Get Away with Murder. Davis is the first black woman to be crowned with this award.

Coming back to ‘Game of Thrones’ the series has now dethroned NBC series “The West Wing”, which had record of winning 9 awards. Game of Thrones now equals the award tally with “West Wing” and “Hill Street Blues and it is surely expected to surpass these series very soon.

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