Croatia is The Latest European Country to Close Borders with Serbia

Croatia has joined the list of European countries that has closed their border with Serbia. Croatia has closed seven of its eight border crossings with Serbia to prevent the passage of refugees. The official of Zagreb announced that the seven of all eight borders will remain closed until the next notice. But migrants are still continue to enter into Croatia from Serbian Sid, despite the closing of border crossings. Police is trying to control the migrants who are willing to cross the borders.


Meanwhile Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the work has begun on the construction of the barrier on the border between Hungary and Serbian. Orban assured that the work of barrier will be completed soon and it will cover all 41 kilometer border between the two countries. Currently there are 600 soldiers deployed at the border, to which 1200 more will be added by weekends.


After the detention of 150 migrants to Dobova from Croatia, Slovenia has decided to stop the rail traffic from Croatia.

However Czech Republic says, they are ready to help the refugees but on the condition of distribution of the migrants among all European nations.

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has organized an emergency summit on coming wednesday where this situation will be discussed in detail with all possible solutions of this biggest migration after second World War

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