An 11 Year Old Boy Killed An Intruder Trying To Enter His House

A 16 year old suspected intruder is reported to be killed by an 11 year old boy in Missouri. This 11 year old boy, fired a shot in the head of the suspect, when he tried to enter his family house in St. Louis, Missouri. The time when this incident took place, the boy (whose identification is not disclosed) was alone with his 4 year old little sister. According to the Police, suspect tried to enter the house many times.

When this 11 year old boy came to knew that someone is there and trying to enter his house unintentionally, he picked up a handgun, fired one shot at the head of the suspect and he died on the spot.

Another suspect who was trying to run away from the scene was also caught by the police. Police said, in this kind of scary situation, anyone can pick a weapon for own safety.

Image: KTVI-TV

Image: KTVI-TV

Police also said, they are doing investigations regarding why there was no family member with these small kids and how did they get access to the gun. Meanwhile the, police has taken the boy into custody for further investigations.

According to one of the neighbours, He saw there was an argument between the 11 year old boy and the killed suspect. He also added that, the suspect never tried to enter the house and he was sitting in the porch.

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