Most Dangerous Travel Places That Really Need Daring to Visit

Below is the list of 7 most dangerous travel places around the World that requires lots of courage to visit there.

1) Mount Hua Shan , China:-

Mount Hua or Hua Shan is one of the five sacred mountains of China and is 120 kilometers east of Xian. Situated at an altitude of 2160 meters, Hua Shan requires lot of courage to climb on it.


2) The swing at The End of The World, Ecuador:-

Swings are normally for Children, but this Swing famous as “The swing at the end of the world” is not Child’s play. It is only for those who are brave and are ready to take the risk of Swinging at altitude of 2,660 meters.


3) Road of Fate, Bolivia:-

La Carretera de los Yungas road also known as Road of Fate or Death Road (because of large number of deaths on this road) is one of most dangerous roads in the World. The road is at a height of 4,650 meters and stretches between La Paz and Coroico, Bolivia.  About 300 deaths are known to happen every year on this road. But still this road is very popular among mountain bikers.


4) Halaku Stairs, Hawaii:-

Halaku Stairs, Hawaii also knowns as Stairways to Heaven located at height of 2,120 foot have 3,922 steps and are very difficult to climb. Now they are closed for the public due to legal issues.


5) Kjeragbolten Boulder, Norway:-

Kjeragbolten Boulder is a 5 cubic meter stone suspended between 2 rock walls in Lysefjord, Norway. It is possible to jump on the stone but it is not for faint hearted people


6) Port of Hell, Turkmenistan:-

Port of Hell also known as The Gates of Hell is near the village Derweze, in the middle of the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan. In 1971 some Russian geologists during drilling found a cave full of natural gas. Due to drilling the earth began to collapse leaving a hole about 70 meters, which began pouring poisonous gas. To prevent the spread of this gas they decided to set it on fire, with the belief that all the fuel will be consumed within a few days, but till today the gas continues to burn even after 45 years. 70 meters of this hole burning was then called “The Gates of Hell”.


7) Cliffs of Moher, Ireland:-

Cliffs of Moher are situated near the village of Doolin on the west coast Clare, county of Ireland.


It is at height of about 214 meters over the Atlantic Ocean and the highest point of Cliff is 8 KM long. The Cliff is very popular among daring Cylists.


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