Best Places Around The World For Honeymoon

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your honeymoon? The world is full of amazing and beautiful places. For a honeymoon getaway and romance, below are few of the best places around the World that are suitable for newlyweds.


The magnificent Fiji, an archipelago of Oceania, are of unique beauty. The crystal clear sea and the atolls are a must visit place for honeymoon couples. It is also possible to explore the dense forests and find hot springs steaming prepared by volcanic craters, where you can quietly relax with your partner.



When you are in Mauritius, then it means you are enjoying breathtaking sea view. In Mauritius there are exclusive hotels and sea resorts for the honeymoon couples.  The nature in Mauritius is lush with its colorful subtropical gardens and in the islands there is the possibility to play golf, attend excursions, devote to scuba diving and much more. Also called the “Island of Smiles”, Mauritius enchant visitors with the beauty of its landscapes
When to Go : The island’s climate is tropical, with winds blowing from the southeast; winter, hot and dry and it is from May to November; summer is hot and humid. The phenomenon is quite frequent cyclones from November to April.



Mozambique is a land of spectacular beauty , with its 3,000 kilometers of coastline and its many islands protected by coral reefs that, the archipelagos of the Quirimbas and Bazaruto are among the best known for their vast pristine beaches. With Portuguese colonization this country now offers a rich and diverse culture. The infrastructure, roads and communications standards of Mozambique have improved a lot, since the peach process started in 1992. But the spirit of its natural beauty is still intact that makes it a perfect place for couples looking for a seaside honeymoon.
When to go : the best months are from April to August, during which the temperatures decrease and the rains have subsided. The months of January and February are very hot, humid and there is of cyclones.


South Africa:

South Africa is the country with the most hours of sunlight per year. It offers a pleasant climate and a view of any kind of scene like oceans, beaches, mountains with the possibility of skiing, deserts and hills. For nature lovers there are natural parks with different species of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. South Africa can meet the needs of any traveler 12 months a year. South Africa is now a hugely popular destination for the honeymoon and can offer an escalation of emotions and unique experiences that will remain in the memories and hearts of those who admire its landscapes and will be moved by its sunsets.


When to go : Generally South Africa’s climate is perpetually sunny. The months of June and July fall in the middle of winter, while the months of December and January fall in the middle of the southern summer.


The smallest continent, the youngest country, and the oldest living culture, Australia is land of so much surprises and amazing things. There are rocks, mountains, canyons, deserts, plateaus and rainforests. Australia has a coral reef known as the Great Barrier reef which ismore than 2,000 km and is the largest in the World. Then there is a majestic monolith of red rock known as Ayers Rock and it has a diameter of 4 Km. And where else you can see Kangaroos and Sydnye Opera House.


When to go : the Australian summer runs from December to February. The south of the country is hot and sunny, while in tropical regions of the north this is the rainy season and some areas are subject to flooding. June to August in Australia is generally mild. So can plan your honeymoon during any time that suits you better.


The incredible appeal of Mexico makes sure that this place is a favorite destination for honeymooners. The enormous diversity of the region makes it suitable for everyone: you can find fabulous beaches, towering peaks and vast expanses of the dense vegetation. For the adventurous, there are mysterious Aztec temples to be discovered!



Maui is famous for its white beaches of white sand and its breathtaking sunsets. If you love hiking and exploration then Maui is the perfect model-making for you! The best times to visit are from September to November and from April to May.



Greece, once the largest civilization of the World is home to beautiful golden beaches and crystal clear sea, which make it one of the most sought by tourists and also by couples who want to enjoy a honeymoon.

Above are the best places around the World for honeymoon. So select a place that you like and enjoy your honeymoon.

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