6 Most Dangerous Airports in the World That Are Challenge for Everyone

Most airports in the World are located far from main population centers. These airports have ample spaces where planes can land safely and without any complicated problems. But not all airports in the World are safe for landing and take offs. There are some really dangerous Airports which requires a pilot to have a long experience and one who can hold their nerves.
Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Marteen

1) Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Marteen

There are lot of small airstrips in Caribbean islands, but the most popular of them is Princess Juliana Airport of Saint Marteen. The airstrip begins from the beach and it always seems that the plane almost touches the head of swimmers. Its a real attraction for those who want to experience the thrill of seeing up close the power of huge aircraft arriving and departing. However, the problem is not just the landing, but the takeoff. Because there is always the risk that the plane did not lift very high from the sea and the danger is to finish straight into the sea or on the hills behind.


Princess Juliana Airport

2) Courchevel Airport, France

If you land on this track, the you are in the French Alps. But the audience probably remembers to have been used as the location of the James Bond film ” Tomorrow Never Dies “. The track is very narrow and sloping and is used mainly by small aircraft or helicopters.


Courchevel Airport

3) Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar

This airport has a special feature: its track crosses a thorough fare of the city which, in conjunction with a landing or take-off is blocked by a level crossing. This may remind you the railway crossing that passes in between a city.


Gibraltar Airport

4) Lukla Airport, Nepal

Track of Tenzing Hillary is in the mountains and ends after 1,500 meters on a cliff. A fundamental requirement is a cool rider and his skill in taking off at the right time.


Lukla Airport

5) Madeira Airport, Madeira

This airport is located near the thrilling city of Funchal. The very short track puts a strain lacking the crew during landing and takeoff. In 1977 there was a terrible accident after which the local authorities decided to extend the track to the beach.


Madeira Airport

6) Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island (Caribbean)

This airport has a very small runway of only 400 meter long and is positioned overhanging the cliffs of 20 meter height above sea level. Here you can land only small helicopters.

Juancho-E- Yrausquin-Airport

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

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