Woman Who Came to Canada As Refugee Is Now a Cabinet Minister

Maryam Monsef,the 30-year-old woman who came into Canada with her widow mother and two sisters as a child is now the new democratic institutions minister in Justin Trudeau(Canada’s New Prime Minister) cabinet.

Maryam became the youngest minister in the 31 member cabinet of Justin Trudeau and also the fourth youngest cabinet minister ever. She has been elected as the new MP for bellwether Ontario.


Maryam born in Afghanistan and spent her earlier childhood in the western city of Herat. Marym was only 3-4 years old, when her father died and her mother was a young girl of only 20 at that time.

Marym told in a phone interview that, her father had died in a cross border fire between Iran and Afghanistan border.

Marym’s childhood was spent travelling between Afghanistan and Iran. She said, they entered Iran but being illegal refugees they were not treated well and were living there with the threat of deportation.

Image: huffingtonpost.ca

In 1996 when Marym’s was only 11 years, the finally decided to come to Canada to Marym’s uncle. They claimed refugee status in Canada. Marym’s said, it was hard to accept new country, but the people here were nice and smiling. The volunteers and the neighbours helped us a lot and never let us feed like alone.

Marym added, the kindness of people of Canada stays with me and i will repay it now as the member of parliament.

Marym who is still single, said she is “Married” to Peterborough

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