Many Landmark Towers in the World Lit up in the Colors of French Flag

In the honor of the victims of Friday night deadly terrorist attack in Paris, one of the tower of New York’s World Trade Center was lit up up in the blue, white and red of the French flag.


New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement that: This terrorist attack has shocked us all and the more we think about this attack the more our heart ache

Many other landmark towers and building in other parts of the World were given special lighting effects in the honor of about 120 people who were killed in this attack.

Below can be seen the The Angel de la Independencia monument in Mexico City which is lit up in the colors of French Flag i.e blue, white and red.


Similarly the Calgary Tower in Alberta was glown up in the tri colors of French flag. See below.


CN Tower of Toronto was also lit up in the colors of the French flag after the attacks.


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