Great Reaction by a Father When His Son Selects a Doll

Mikki Willis, a California resident who is father of two boys Isaiah and Zuri posted a video on Facebook that went viral and has more than 11 million views.

In this video Willis says, on the recent birthday of his 4 years old son Isaiah he received 2 gifts that were totally same. So he decided to visit the store to replace of the gift.

Isaiah selected¬†Ariel doll from the Little Mermaid. Although Willis was not expecting his son to select a doll, but he was very excited on his son’s decision. Instead of saying his son to select some other toy, he let his his to choose the doll.


Next in the video Mikki Willis says “Now how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this kind of toy?” Mikki answers, he allows his sons to make their own decisions in life.

Then in the video, he says to his both sons, they can choose whatever toy they like, without thinking about a gender-norm.

This video received many positive comments on facebook and people started calling Willis, “The Father of Year”.

Isaiah is so happy with his new doll that he always keeps it with him and Willis says he is amazed with such a positive response from people.

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