Couple Did a Newborn Photo Shoot With Their Dog to Stop People Asking About Baby

An Australian Couple Abby Lee and Matt Kay were fed up of people asking them, when are you going to have a baby?. Getting frustrated from this question, the couple decided to add one more member to their family. But it was not their own baby, it was their groodle dog Humphry. Abby and Matt decided to do a complete newborn photo session with their dog.

This photo shoot was done by a professional photographer Elisha Minette. Elisha took every shoot of the puppy similar to a new born baby like walking the dogie by paws, bundling him up, in a baby cradle, posing in bed.


Photo: Elisha Minette


The idea of this kind of photo shoot came into Elisha’s mind, when the couple was driving away from their home for taking the puppy from a breeder.

Photo: Elisha Minette

Photo: Elisha Minette

The couple says they have good sense of humor. So they did this photo shoot to share their creative idea with people who also have great sense of humor and is also for those who keep asking them about having a baby.


Photo: Elisha Minette

According to Elisha the puppy also enjoyed every moment of the photo shoot. Elisha shared this photo shoot on Facebook and it was greatly appreciated by the people.

Although, some people are asking the couple, that they have so much time for this photo shoot, but Abby and Matt says they don’t mind it and they are happy to be creative.

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