5-Year-Old Girl Breaks Police Security to Meet Pope Francis During Parade

Pope Francis arrived at the White House on Tuesday for the welcome ceremony in the United States of America. US President Barack Obama Welcomed the Pope with first lady Michelle Obama.

Before that, Pope presented himself “As the son of an immigrant family”. He said, “I am pleased to be a guest of this country, much of which was built by families like this.”

A Five year old girl named Sophie Cruz tried to cross the police security and sent back to her family. But Pope gave her the permission to come to his vehicle.


Pope gave the little girl a hug and kissed on her forehead. She also gave him a gift and a letter on which she asked the pope to do something for immigrants. She also presented pope a yellow T-shrit with the message: “Pope: rescue DAPA, so the legalization would be your blessing.

Thousands of people were on the streets to get a look of Pope, but this little girl did the courage to bypass police Barricades.


“She wrote on the letter that, my father works in a metal factory and like other immigrants has done lot for this country. All immigrants deserve respect and want to live with respect.”

Apart from little Sophie many other babies were also blessed and kissed by the Pope.

In his speech, Pope said he came here to “listen and share many of the dreams and hopes of the American people. After a metting between Obama and Pope, Obama said America is the home to 70 million Catholics. The crowd roared after listing this. The crowd cheered again when pope said “God Bless America”

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