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Question 1. What is the basic amount? For example, if the investor has invested a monthly amount of Rs 2,500 for 1 year then what will be the original amount, Rs 2,500 or 30,000?

answer. In the original amount, all payments made for PACL through installments or in a lump sum amount are included during this scheme, therefore, in this case, the principal is Rs. Will happen. 30,000 However, according to the press release of 02.01.2018, the claim has been invited by the investors, whose total outstanding amount (principal) is Rs. 2500 or less.

Question 2. I invested Rs 330 for 12 months per month, am I eligible for refund?

answer. The current process has a refund of upto Rs. 2500 (principal) rupees. During the plan, all payments made in PACL in lump sum or in installments are only due to the total outstanding liability of those investors whose original amount is 2500 or less eligible to apply, you will not be eligible, because your total outstanding is about Rs. 3, 9 60, which is more than Rs 2,500.

Question 3. If I have a PACL certificate for the total amount of 10,000 rupees but I have paid only two installments of Rs.1000, am I eligible to apply for a refund?

answer. As already mentioned, the current refund process is 2500 (principal). All payments made in PACL during the 2500 lump sum or in installments, so if you have paid only two installments of Rs.1000, then your total outstanding claim with PACL is Rs. 2,000 Therefore, you are eligible to apply for a refund

Question 4. What are the interest rates for refund?

answer. No amount has been charged in the current refund process at this level, with the amount collected so far.

Question 5. My name on PACL certificate (bond) and base and PAN card is different?

answer. You must give the necessary documents either on PAN / Aadhar card, bank statement and PACL certificate with PACL certificate / रिसीप्ट.

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