Best Ways to Avoid Stress in Office Without Leaving Your Desk

Stress at work is very common and it can have some serious effect likes skin reactions, lack of energy, or even panic attacks. But there are some simple exercise and tips that you can apply while sitting at your desk and easily avoid the stress during work.

1) Tea Sip

It may sound silly, but having a cup of tea on your work desk can help you a lot. The chamomile would be even better. Tt is known for its calming properties, and will help to relax the muscles and calm the anxiety.


2) Search Help Online

There are many websites and online apps that can provide you help to get relaxed. For example Anamya is an app for smartphones that is dedicated to relaxation and meditation. When you feel overwhelmed and feel you are about to explode, visit the app and it will give you good advice on how to remain calm and cool.

3) Breathing Exercises

Breathe: Taking repeating breathe produces more oxygen in the blood , and this will keep you calm and strong, helping to dominate the anxiety and fatigue. You can also use various breathe exercises.

4) Stretching Exercise

One of the most frequent problems of being always at your desk is the soreness, and over time the ease of having cramps and pains. There are many ways of stretching while being seated on your chair. Starting from the feet, rotate clockwise and then counterclockwise, so as to facilitate the flow of blood from the legs to the heart. After this exercise, stretch out your legs under the table and raise your arm over your head. It will help the blood to flow more, and avoids problems in muscles and joints .


5) Excite Your Pressure Points

There is another technique to relax without having to leave your desk: the ‘ acupressure . It refers to acupuncture, but does not involve needles or the need for experts to exercise it. It is about finding own pressure points , as is done in acupuncture, but instead of putting the needle, just practice a little pressure on your body parts.

6) Eliminate Caffeine

The caffeine is a stimulant, which increases levels of adrenaline in the blood, the same hormones that are causes stress in the body. Instead of taking caffeine, you can take some other drinks that produces energy in the body.

7) Keep Your Desk Organized

Keeping things on your desk in an ordered way will help you keep order in your head and make you less confused and anxious. In addition a clean desk helps you to find quickly what you need.


8) Be Careful What You Eat

What you eat during your office timings, greatly influence your stress levels. A health diet will lower the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, i.e the hormones produced during anxiety and pressure. One way to keep down cortisol levels and blood pressure is to include more vitamin C in your diet like an orange juice in the morning, or blueberries during a snack.

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