10 Tips to Improve and Strengthen Your Immune System

If you feel tired every time, then its time to do something to improve your immune system. Below are the 10 important tips that may help you a lot to improve your immune system and health.

1. Follow Proper Hygiene

You could avoid a number of viruses and bacteria by simply practicing good personal hygiene.
We come in contact with most of viruses and bacteria from surfaces, typically the skin. The simple and obvious advice is to wash your hands and don’t touch your face with dirty hands when you are at public places. These Viruses and bacterias have are indeed the key channels of spreading infections in eyes and mouth.

2. Take a Nice Hot Shower

A shower or a hot tub can do miracles for your body. It can also help to keep your mind cool and calm.


3. Use Some Product for The Prevention

Public transport is a breeding ground for colds and flu. Using a specific product for the prevention can significantly reduce the risk of any infection. A protective gel and a soft cloth can be used as a prevention product and it can be very helpful

4. Follow a Healthy Balanced Diet With Lots of Vegetables

Never underestimate the influence that food and feed have on your health. A serving of vegetables may contain more than one hundred phytochemicals that help boost the immune system every day. Include foods like broccoli , cabbage, soybeans , carrots , turmeric, onions and red fruits , currants and strawberries in your diet. This food works as your medicine.


5. Take Probiotics

Did you know that over 70% of your immune cells can be found in ‘ intestines and are supported by healthy intestinal bacteria ? This only mean one thing that keep your gut happy
Excesses of sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol during the festive season can cause imbalances to our intestines. Keep your intestines balanced even with the aid of probiotics : they help maintain intestinal balance, needed to reduce the possibility of seasonal diseases.

6) Have Body Massage

It should not always be for a special occasion! Not only a good massage helps to relieve stress, but it’s also great to stimulate circulation and increase the natural antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses.


7. Drink Green Tea

It helps you lose weight. Green tea is an ally of the heart and can prevent diseases. The benefits of green tea are truly amazing . You will be probably surprised to hear that it is also good for colds .  Drinking green tea regularly not only will help keep the body hydrated and eliminate toxins, but it will help boost your immune system.


8. Go to Bed Early

The hours of sleep are a must . We need to sleep in order for the body to regain strength: and the immune system too. It is advisable to sleep at least seven hours each night.

9. Do Some Exercise

Exercise relaxes, strengthens and makes you happy. Simple exercise like walking every day, to go in bicycle etc will make you feel better physically and mentally. On the contrary, excessive physical activity, especially for those who are not trained, can have the opposite effect and unwanted: lower our immune system.

10. Relax!

Last, but not least, the relaxation. Our body, like our mind needs to relax. The stress is the greatest enemy of the immune system, increases negatively blood pressure and can cause depression .
Whether it’s reading a book, doing meditation, or any other activity, relaxation is must for better health.

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