Brilliant Plan By a Man to Get His iPhone Back From His Ex-Girlfriend

There are a few things you should never buy you girlfriend. Let me give you some pointers, some from experience. A puppy, yes this sounds like a great plan at the time. You now have a happy little family. But if sh*t hits the fan you have to find out who gets the dog it gets messy, etc.

Other big items are things you can’t split if there is a break up. Like a bed, couch, crockpot (still bitter I know). And finally, electronics like a phone, iPad or any other contract based expensive electronic.

Those items just suck to try and get back. That is what happened to this dude with his ex and a phone he got her.

He told her from the jump he was getting that phone back. She didn’t think it was possible. Well now she is the dumbass with egg on her face. SUCKS TO SUCK!

He posted the screenshots to Imgur:




Time for the plan to take off:






Now she knows:





He got this dumb hoe to walk around with what was reported as a stolen phone in her pocket and eventually had no choice to return it to her ex. He could then unlock it and presumably sell it or find a better use for it.

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