The software that Allows Stephen Hawking to Communicate is Now Open Source

Intel announced the Software that help Stephen Hawking to communicate will be available online free of cost. This software recognizes the face movements of Hawking and transforming them into speech through a voice synthesizer. The software named Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (ACAT) will be helpful for all who having physical disabilities and are not able to communicate. ACAT has been improved over the past many years by the collaboration between Intel and Swiftkey.


Because the physical condition of Stephen Hawking is becoming progressively worse, so he could not use the software as before, so Intel decided to make some improvements in its Speech System. Intel and Swiftkey therefore, developed a new system that contains an infrared sensor on the glasses of the Hawking, which he controls through the muscle of the cheek to deliver speeches on screen. With this upgraded system, he needs to type only 20% or less of the words to compose their own sentences.

Last year, Intel promised that its toolkit would soon be available open source and not it makes the official announcement.

By making the Software open source, Intel also seeks further suggestions and developments in it by the third party developers.

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