Samsung Offering Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge & S6 for 30 days Test Drive

Samsung has just started a new promotional offer in which its offering the users of iphone to test drive a Galaxy smartphone by paying  just $1 for the period of 30 days. The promotion is launched mainly keeping in mind the Apple iphone Users.  Anyone looking to participate in this promotion will have to sign up from his iphone. A Galaxy s5 Edge, Edge+, a Galaxy Note 5 will be provided (depending upon the choice of users) to those who have an activated SIM with an internet plan.


Samsung will charge a processing fees of just $1 and the chosen handset will be delivered to the person participating in this promotion. If anyone is not able to handover the mobile handset in 30 days, then he will have to pay the full price. Also for any damage made to the phone during this 30 days test drive period, $100 will be have to be paid. To make the return of smartphone easier, there is a prepaid shipping box attached.

The simple motive of Samsung behind this promotion is to impress iphone users, with Note 5 or S6 edge+ and to make them switch to these smartphones.

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