Get Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Gold Plating

In today’s modern World there are two things that have no end: one is stupidity and the other is luxury. If you fall in the category of those who love luxury and want to have something different from the crowd of World, then the Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy smartphones are for you.

Vietnamese based manufacturer, Karalux has been specialized in making gold-plated smartphones for a long time. So now it came up with Gold Plated models of Samsung Galaxy 5.


The gold plating process starts with the disassembly of the smartphone that requires 10 steps to complete. During this complicated process the components are cleaned by coating and then coated with gold.

A special protective layer is applied in the final step to protect the gold plating. The company said, 7000 Aluminium Series is used on these new smartphones, which is much stronger than the stainless steel.

If you want to convert your existing Galaxy 5 note into Gold Plated one, then you have to spend $355. And if you want to purchase a new smartphone that is already Gold Plated, then it will cost you around $1,110. However, the 24K gold-plated Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been registered on ebay at a price of $1,450.

So although the item is too costly, but its infact a symbol of luxury

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