Japanese Scientists Created Unbreakable Glass As Strong As Steel

Scientists in Japan have been able to develop a glass that is unbreakable and its strength is almost equal to that of a steel. This new unbreakable glass will be available for use in coming five years and it will surely be a revolution in vehicles, buildings and other constructions.

With the availability of this kind of unbreakable glass we can imagine a world in which we can have smartphones and gadgets that will not break even after dropping on the ground. Our vehicles will be much stronger to handle a crash because of unbreakable strong windows.


The invention of this glass has been made possible after the research of specialist team of scientists of ‘Institute of Industrial Science University of Tokyo’.

The reason why this new glass is so strong is the use of extra amount of aluminium oxide in it. The aluminium oxide is a material which is known for its hardness. Scientists were trying to increase the amount of aluminium oxide in various past attempts, but not getting any success. But this time the scientists were successful and the result is this new Glass.

The Japanese scientists says, still there is lot of work pending as we have to implement this results on a large scale, but they are confident with their research.

Assistant professor of University of Tokyo, Atsunobu Masuno said, “We will commercialize the technique within five years”

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