“Great Pumpkin” Asteroid to Pass Near Earth on Halloween Night

Newly discovered asteroid named as “Great Pumpkin” or “Halloween Asteroid will pass about 500,000 km from the Earth October 31 i.e on Halloween night. There is no danger of impact to our planet Earth because of the safe distance. But it will be an excellent opportunity to closely observe this asteroid.


According to NASA, it will be one of the best radar targets for this year and will observe this Asteroid with its Green Bank and Arecibo telescopes.

However the NASA added, the observation of this Asteroid will not be easy on the night of 31 October becasue the object is very low on the horizon and also there will be moon light. The better conditions to closely observe will be between the night of 30 and 31 October.


The estimated diameter of the asteroid is between 900 feet and 2,000 feet. The asteroid was discovered just few days ago i.e on Oct 10, 2015 and was officially named 2015 TB145.

According to NASA, this will be the biggest asteroid that will pass near the Earth until 2027. The last time an asteroid of this large passed by the Earth was in July 2006.

People may be able to see this asteroid with a binoculars and a small amateur telescope.

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