Ear Free Headphones That Transfers Sound Directly Through Your Skull

Although the general design of the headphones has not changed much in the course of time. There have been many changes in the technology to imporove the sound but the general concept of use of headphones remains the same, i.e you put a device in the ear or over the ears to listen the sound you want. The problem is that, by putting the headphones on your ears, you are not able to hear the sounds from the rest of the world. So in this regard, Studio Banana Things has designed a new pair of headphones that address and solve the problem permanently.

Instead of covering your ears and using the eardrums to transmit stereo sound, the new headphones designed by Studio Banana Things transmit sound into the ear through bones of the skull. This technology is known as bone conduction which funnels sound waves to the inner ear through bones in the skull.

This method leaves the ears free to hear and feel the sounds and noises of the surrounding environment. It is a major advantage especially for those who practice outdoor sports. Imagine going to run and to be able to listen to music and, at the same time, you can hear all the traffic noise of the cars that are approaching.


Although some people still prefer their traditional earphones in the situations in which they want to isolate themselves from the surrounding environment.

But there is no doubt that this Bone conduction technology offers a sound and comfort of high quality. The titanium structure of the headphones makes sure that these are highly flexible at the same time. These bone conduction headphones have high degree of protection which makes it possible to use them in the gym or during running.

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