Best Gadgets That Can Turn Your Car into a Smart Car

Various gadgets are available in the market today for your cars. By choosing the right gadget, you can easily turn your car into a smart car. Below are few best gadgets that you can select for your car.

1) Awarecar

Awarecar is a device that can help you to find where you have parked your car in the parking area. Awarecar is basically a bluetooth beach which you put into your car and gives you details via a smartphone app. In addition to giving information about where your car is parked, it can also remind you, for how long you have parked the car, fuel & mileage efficiency and also gives fuel warning.


2) Exploride:

Exploride is a HUD display that is placed on the dashboard of your car and displays various information such as Directions, incoming messages on your phone, media playback etc on a transparent panel. It can be easily controlled with simple hand movements or through your own voice.


3) Fobo Tire:

The pressure in the tires of the car is more important than you might think. It is important to periodically check the pressure of tires. But how to do this without having to touch the tire? An American company has created a new type of tire known as the FOBO Tire. This system is formed by a central unit to be placed in the car and four plugs, one for each wheel. The wizard allows you to place them in 5 minutes. Once activated the wheels will send the tire pressure data through the Bluetooth to iPhone via a dedicated iPhone app.


4) Automatic:

Automatic is one of the most wonderfull device for your car, that can give you various informations about your car. This device is paired with Bluetooth of your smartphone and can tell you about engine problems, the place where you have parked your car,tells you about history of your trip history etc.


5) Vinli

Vinli is an another gadget that will transform your car into a smart car. Vinli are connected to the OBD II port of your car and links to your smartphone to give you information about your car. Vinli also enables WiFi into car through T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network.


Vinli is compatible with all cars made after 1996 and can work with Android as well as IOS.

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