A Man Created a Replica of Thor’s Hammer, Which Only He Can Lift

Like the gadgets of Batman, Ironman and Superman, Thor’s hammer has fascinated lots of people. So it is not surprising that an enterprising electrical engineer in the US decided to create a real replica of Thor’s hammer ‘Mjolnir’.

In a YouTube video, which is touching nearly 4 million views till now, you can have fun admiring the reaction of the people invited to the challenge of raising the Hammer of Thor. Everyone be it Women, children, boys of all ages and backgrounds are being invited to lift this hammer of Thor ‘The God of Thunder. But no one is able to lift it.


This hammer is created by Allen Pan. Allen created this hammer by placing a microwave oven electromagnet in the hammer’s head, which created a very strong magnetic field. When So when this hammer is placed on a metal surface like a manhole cover then nothing short of a crane can lift it.

Allen devised a fingerprint sensor and programmed it to his fingerprint. So when he touches the hammer, the magnetic field gets turned off and so he is the only one who can pick it up.

Allen took his hammer to Venice Beach, Los Angeles, invited people to lift and created movie of them when they tried to lift it.

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