Unique Shoes That Can be Wrap Around Your Feet

Years ago when there were no bags, then Furoshiki were used to hold items by Japanese people. Furoshiki are basically colorful cloths that easily wrap around and can be used to put various items. Although Furoshiki are not used now in daily life but they are used for many other purposes because they are very easy to fold.

Shoes that we normally buy from stores do not fit properly many times. This inspired, Japanese designer Masaya of Italian Footwear company Vibram to design and create shoes by using Furoshiki. These shoes can be easily wrap around foot of any size and also have no laces. These shoes have been given the name “wrapping sole” by Vibram.


There are 3 easy steps to wear these shoes. Currently these shoes are available in 5 different colors and can be brought from Japanese Vibram store at a cost of $140 USD.


The shoes doesn’t have an attractive design and looks funny, but the company is trying to make improvement in its design, so that its looks match with the fashionable shoes. But in terms of being comfortable, full marks can be given to these new kind of shoes.

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