This Cake is not Like What it Looks from Front – Its a Double Take

A newly married couple Billy Bunning and Kia Parsons had different choice for their Wedding (14 August) Cake. Kia wanted a traditional white cake with sugar flowers, but Billy who has interest in Comic Superheros wanted a cake having Iron Man, Spider Man carved on it. So here is the point where conflict started between the two before wedding.

The couple approached Julia Baker of Tier by Tier bakery, who then decided to solve this conflict by creating a 2 in 1 cake.

Julia spent 40 hours and created a cake, one side of which was traditional cake with Sugar flower as per the choice fo Bride and the other side contained logos of famous superheros.


Julia said, she really enjoyed to create that cake because she thought people would be amazed to see this cake and also it will sort out the conflict ions between the couple.

The couple was very happy with the Cake and it became so popular that Cakes’s photos gone viral on internet within few minutes.

Julia said she has some more ideas of these kind of double take cakes and she wanted to implement these ideas soon.

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